Reverie 5x Electric Adjustable Base Furniture For Backs
Reverie 5x Electric Adjustable Base Furniture For Backs

Reverie 5x Electric Adjustable Base

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Electric Adjustable Base


The Furniture for Backs ELECTRIC ADJUSTABLE BASE features a new, modern quality design coupled with highly engineered components to provide a sleep solution essential for your bedroom. 

Medical research maintains that these bases can enrich your sleep experience considerably by assisting with the improvement of several health issues, but also producing some fantastic lifestyle benefits as well.

A more natural, improved sleep experience can be achieved when coupling  the ELECTRIC ADJUSTABLE BASE with either a spring or latex mattress option.


Health Benefits

These will vary from one person to the next depending on their specific needs.


 1.    Alleviates Lower Back Pain

           2.    Reduces Sleep Apnea & Snoring

           3.    Decreased Acid Reflux & Heartburn

           4.    Eases Insomnia

           5.    Improved Digestion

           6.    Enhanced Circulation

           7.    Relieves Arthritis

           8.    Lighten Leg Swelling

           9.    Restless legs

           10.  Amongst others

Lifestyle Benefits

           1.    Reading in bed

           2.    Working on laptop or other devices

           3.    Watching TV

           4.    Getting in or out of bed is easier

           5.    Independence-leaves partner alone



- Whisper quiet motors for adjustment

- Head and Foot adjustability   

- ‘Zero-Gravity’ position to reduce pressure off lumbar spine

- Upper and lower body massage motors with intensity control & timer

- Heavy duty construction

- Single foot retainer bar to secure mattress

- Folds in half for easy shipping and delivery via common carriers

- Tool-free assembly

- 322 kg (710 lb) weight capacity

Available Sizes:

- King

- Queen

- King Single

- Long Single


Four (4) 3 in 1 Sized 8.25-Inch Legs

Designed to slot into most modern slat-based bedframes