Ergovida Electric Scissor Lift Sit-Stand Desktop Module Furniture For Backs
Ergovida Electric Scissor Lift Sit-Stand Desktop Module Furniture For Backs

Ergovida Electric Scissor Lift Sit-Stand Desktop Module

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Sit-Stand desks for adults and kids is the perfect solution to furnish your work and home environment with ergonomic furniture that supports your back and posture whilst you work, study and play.

With many of us spending each day sitting in front of a desk, the Sit-Stand desk addresses the ergonomic needs of your entire body. This fun and functional furniture range is simple and durable, whilst keeping you healthy.


  • Premium workstation with great functionality
  • Quiet motion prevents interrupting the working environment
  • Strong motor ensures a very high stability level
  • Easy-to-use press controller makes height adjustment easy
  • Height adjustment range min 156mm - max 480mm
  • Spacious surface for placing more devices
  • Handy front slot that holds most tablets and phones
  • 20kg weight capacity 

Perfect for:

  • Adults using computers at their workplace or home
  • Students at primary, secondary & tertiary school
  • Those injured whom can’t lift eg spine or upper limb complaint 


  • Black Only


  • Width:  95cm
  • Depth:  40cm Top & 30cm Keyboard Tray
  • Height of Rise: 48cm

Free Delivery:

  • For Melbourne metro area only


  • Required but simple


  • 3 Years


The Heath Benefits of a Sit-Stand Desk
  • Effective in maintaining body posture and spinal contours.
  • Reduces the risk of various occupational injury.
  • Reduces the incidence of neck & lower back.
  • More calories are burned standing, therefore can reduce weight & blood sugars.
  • Reduces excessive spinal disc pressure associated with prolonged sitting.
  • Reduces drowsiness therefore increasing concentration & productivity.
  • Improved wellbeing when combining a blend of standing & sitting.
  • You can potentially live longer!

Don't take our word for it


“Didn’t want my kids destroying their posture as they grow up. I have peace of mind that I have made an intelligent decision on their behalf. Standing desk and a proper computer chair is what they need.“


Graphic Designer


“Had back surgery last year, so sitting was no longer an option, at least for any extended period. The standing desk option has been a revelation and has allowed me to continue working.“


Marketing Consultant


“Due to social pressures in the workforce, I reluctantly bought standing desks for my staff. After witnessing the benefits of standing desks, I realised I probably should’ve purchased them sooner as my staff are happier and more productive.”


Business Owner