Choosing a Computer Chair To Work From Home

Choosing a Computer Chair To Work From Home


With the arrival of COVID-19, a large percentage of office workers switched to working from home. The change in location was initially thought to be temporary, but it seems however, that the broader corporate world is open to the idea of staff remaining at home for the long term, whether part or full time.

office-worker.jpgHome-based office workers are now suddenly using their existing home office furniture to get the job done. Many workers that are suddenly experiencing discomfort and injury , are quickly realizing that the furniture available for them at their usual workplace is more advanced than the furniture they have at home. Most commonly, this applies to computer chairs. Unfortunately, workers are now generating aches and pains in various parts of the body due to using below standard furniture for extended periods of time . They are now searching to buy better home office furniture that offers improved comfort and support.

To assist anyone looking to purchase a new computer chair, I have made a checklist of features and characteristics to consider which will help you buy with confidence.

  • RRP Price Range for decent chair:

As a guide if you pay around the $300-$750+ price range, then your selected chair should have most of the desired features.

  • Warranty:

At least 5 years is a sign of a decent computer chair.

  • Size:

Chairs can be categorized as small, medium, and large in terms of size. Its crucial you choose a computer chair that is relative to your frame. This will allow you to receive the support you need from the chair.

  • Adjustability

Your chair needs to conform to you, not the other way around. A fully adjustable chair to suit your body shape and postural needs is essential, otherwise you’ll generate aches and pains. The backrest, seat pan and arms need to be adjustable.

  • High Quality Materials

Chairs comprising of high-quality materials simply last for years. High density foams with quality coverings, well-engineered frames, mechanisms and their moving parts such as castors, springs and ratchets are all important. These features are generally reflected in the price and warranty.

  • Lumbar Support

A decent lumbar support to marry into the apex of your lumbar spine is paramount. This is not only critical for supporting the lumbar spine and reducing unnecessary disc pressure, but it prevents the upper body from slumping forward.





Benefits of these features are:

Improved Comfort – Feels great to use and are less likely to become sore

Support – Can sit upright with little effort

Durability – High level of performance for years to come

Work Efficiency - Can seamlessly get the job done in less time and with less effort

Improved Posture – To maintain a healthy framework and spine



Test at least 3-4 different computer chairs for comparisons to be made.

Each chair will need to be ergonomically adjusted, according to your specifications, so you can evaluate whether it is right for you.

Sit in each for at least 1-2 minutes to truly gauge its suitability. Then re-try the more suitable option.


Final Decision

After considering the above features, hopefully you’ll instinctively know when sitting in the prospective chair, whether it is right for you. Its such a personal decision and only you can choose. Good luck!