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standing-desk-posture.jpegThe Heath Benefits of a Professional Sit-Stand Desk

  • Effective in maintaining a healthy body posture and the correct spinal contours.
  • Reduces the risk of many occupational injuries.
  • Reduces excessive spinal disc pressure associated with prolonged sitting.
  • Reduces the incidence of neck & lower back.
  • Reduces drowsiness therefore increasing concentration & productivity.
  • More calories are burned standing, therefore can reduce weight & blood sugars.
  • Improved wellbeing when combining a blend of standing & sitting.
  • You can potentially live longer!

Why are Sit-Stand desks recommended?

They are a great alternative to sitting all day, which has been proven to create various health complications.

sitting-pain.jpegWhat are some of the health complications associated with sitting?

  • Headaches, neck and lower back pain.
  • Poor posture eg slumping & round shoulders.
  • Reduced fitness with weight gain.
  • Mental fatigue.
  • Poor circulation.

Is standing good for my back?

For most people, yes. An exception maybe a person with a knee problem, whom will need to continue sitting.

Do You Stand All Day?

Standing all day, could be tiring. It is recommended that a blend of standing and sitting is optimal for your wellbeing. Rather than sit all day and stand when you need it, stand all day, and sit when you need it. Ultimately, the worker needs to self-regulate this ratio and it will change from one day to the next anyway.

Does The Sit-Stand Desk Require Any Effort To Lift?

Sit-stand desks options include electric or assisted manual. The choice is dependent on your needs or preferences. There is no effort with electric and small effort with assisted manual.

How Much Weight do the Desks Hold?

In general, the desks are designed to hold the weight of all your equipment and stationary items. The specific maximum weight is listed on each item.

What Colors and Sizes do the Desks Come In?

50-colours.pngstanding-desktop-sizes.pngThe fully electric standing desks are available in a range of 50 colors and various sizes, with custom sizes also available. The desk top modules have size and color options but are more limited.