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Natural Latex
Orthopaedic ADVANCED
Mattress Base
Electric Adjustable Base

bad-sleep.pngWhy Replace your Current Mattress

Check list:
  • Have trouble falling asleep?
  • You toss & turn at night?
  • Waking tired?
  • Lacks support and is sagging?
  • Waking with either shoulder, hip or back pain?
  • Can’t sleep 8 hours per night uninterrupted?
  • Mattress 10 years & older?

The Benefits of Sleeping on an Orthopaedic Ultimate Mattress

  • Improved sleep quantity & quality.
  • Waking recuperated.
  • Improved energy.
  • Reduced body aches, pains and stiffness.
  • Preserved body posture and alignment.
  • Better hygiene.
  • Improved immune health & wellbeing.

Back Pain Solution Mattress

The Orthopaedic Ultimate range is designed to effectively support the spine with precision. The combination of the micro-coils and higher density foams can accommodate most body types (size and weights). This range has a lengthy track record over many years of successfully assisting people whom would normally suffer from shoulder, hip or lower back pain; and they now don’t. Many health care practitioners around Melbourne specifically recommend this model to troubled patients. But whether you suffer from injury, or simply just want the best mattress available – the Orthopaedic Ultimate is the Ultimate mattress on the market!

200 Nights Free Sleep Trial Mattress

Furniture for Backs offers a 200-night sleep trial exclusive for the Orthopaedic Ultimate mattress range. Therefore, you can’t lose. This premium mattress with a 10 year warranty, has a proven track record over many years of doing the job!


Buy Australia Made

Furniture For Backs mattresses are made in Melbourne to the highest standards, and constructed from the highest quality materials. We are proud to support local employment.

Mattress Size

  • Single - 92cm x 188cm
  • Long Single - 92cm x 204cm
  • King Single - 107cm x 204cm
  • Double - 138cm x 188cm
  • Queen - 153cm x 204cm
  • King - 183cm x 204cm

Can I Test the Othropaedic Mattress First?

Of course, you can! Feel free to make an appointment to visit our showroom at Level 1, 58 Whitehorse Rd Deepdene Vic 3103 to test instore, alternatively you can purchase with confidence knowing that each of our Orthopaedic Ultimate mattresses are covered by a 200 Night Mattress Trial!


recycling-symbol.pngWhat do I do With My Old Mattress?

bed-collect.jpegFurniture For Backs will happily take away your old mattress when we deliver your new one, and have it recycled for free! Working with Melbourne company Bed Collect, we’re proud to do our part for the environment by reducing landfill waste, and helping those in need as any spring materials are used to construct mattresses for various charities.


Helping Those In Needspinal-cure-logo-rectangular.png

In addition to helping the environment, 10% of profits from each Furniture For Backs mattress sale goes to Spinal Cure. Spinal Cure is a charity that aims to cure spinal injury, and you can feel good about knowing that your new mattress will help to benefit their research.