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Natural Latex
Orthopaedic ADVANCED
Mattress Base
Electric Adjustable Base

How we work

To visit the Furniture for Backs showroom an appointment is required.

img-slide-2.pngThere are no casual walk-ins like traditional furniture retailer’s showroom.

Simply call 1800 109 007 or email your request at

Referral from a health care provider is not necessary, you may book directly with us.

Appointments are free. 

We specialize in recommending furniture for those with a health care complaint, such as a “bad back”. However, we regularly attend to those whom are doing well and have no such health complaint and simply need a mattress or computer chair. If that’s you, don’t hesitate to make an appointment.

Your appointment is private, and you will have exclusive attention with Dr Mike Crane or one of his trained associates. Allow 30-45 mins for the consultation which allows for a detailed chat about your health history followed by the testing of some recommended products. If satisfied, you may order.

Whether a mattress, computer chair or sit-stand desk is on your list, Furniture for Backs will find a personalised solution for you!