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About Furniture For Backs

Who is Dr. Michael Crane?

Dr. Michael Crane is a Melbourne based chiropractor with 20 years experience and is the founder of Furniture For Backs.

When did this company start?

Furniture for Backs started in 2006.

Why did it start?

Dr. Michael Crane started Furniture for Backs to assist his own patients with furniture prescription. Traditional retail options were and still are, very limiting. Dr. Crane initially retailed these furniture products within his clinic, before expanding to a larger showroom due to the increased demand from satisfied customers.

Is Dr Michael Crane a real health care provider?

Absolutely. Dr Crane began practicing as a chiropractor in Hawthorn in 1996 and still practices part time now. He is registered with AHPRA and is a member of COCA.

What does Furniture for Backs specialize in?

Furniture for Backs specializes in providing premium quality furniture, advice, and recommendations to anyone with spinal-health problems or concerns.

Does Furniture for Backs assist people that don’t have any spinal-health problems?

Yes, we do! It’s vital for those with good spinal-health to choose the correct furniture item, so that they may maintain their good health. Mattresses and computer chairs are notorious for ruining a healthy spine.

Does FFB have a showroom?

Yes, we do! Our showroom is located at level 1, 58 Whitehorse Rd Deepdene Vic 3103, and is available to view with an appointment.

Do you need to make an appointment to visit the showroom?

Yes. Our specialised service considers the health requirements of each of our individual customers and we offer a free assessment with a qualified healthcare professional. To make an appointment, simply contact our office on 1300 109 007 or click here to contact us though our website.

Can you buy online?

Yes you can! Our website is available for anyone to purchase from anywhere in Australia.



Are these mattresses good quality?

Furniture for Backs sells only premium quality mattresses that come with a 10-year warranty. 

In fact, they're so good - we offer a 100 Night Mattress Trial so you can put it to the test!

Why are these mattresses good for my back?

Furniture for Backs sells the best range of spring system options combined with premium foams that provide optimal spinal support.

What is mattress zoning?

Mattress zoning exists within pocket coil design mattresses. Zones are sections where the springs are harder and softer, which allows the mattress to conform to the body’s inherent shape.

Why is 5-Zone better than having more zones?

5-zone mattresses are designed with sincere consideration for the natural shape of the body. The 7 and 9 zone mattresses are a marketing idea and do not consider human anatomy.

Which firmness should I get?

Mattress firmness depends on what your body specifically needs. Firm, medium and plush are all equally great. As a generalisation, firm for the young, medium for middle age and plush for seniors. However, there are exceptions. If you’re unsure as to which level of firmness is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact our office and book your free appointment for a personalised assessment.

Can I test the mattress first?

Of course, you can!

Feel free to make an appointment to visit our showroom at level 1, 58 Whitehorse Rd Deepdene Vic 3103 to test instore, alternatively you can purchase with confidence knowing that each of our mattresses are covered by a 100 Night Mattress Trial!

What if there’s a problem with my mattress?

For support simply contact our office directly on 1300 109 007 or email your enquiry via the website.

Where are the mattress products made?

All mattresses sold by Furniture For Backs are made by Comfort Sleep Bedding, and are manufactured in Melbourne.


What quality are the computer chairs?

All our chairs are commercial level quality.

Why are some chairs more expensive than others?

Each chair model is priced depending on the design and materials used. You get what you pay for.

Do the chairs have a warranty?

Yes, they do! Each of our chairs comes with a 5 year manufactures warranty.

Are these chairs good for my back?

Yes they are, however there are a variety of options depending on what your needs are.

How do I know which chair’s right for me?

That will depend on your needs and priorities. While some people are happy to buy online, others will prefer to visit the showroom to test some of the models. If that’s the case, simply call 1300 109 007 to book a free appointment or email your request via the website.

What if I have a problem with my chair?

Our chairs come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you are experiencing a problem, then contact our Melbourne office on 1300 109 007 or email your request via the website.

Can I test the computer chair first?

Yes you can! Feel free to call 1300 109 007 to make an appointment to visit our showroom at level 1, 58 Whitehorse Rd Deepdene Vic 3103.

What weight do the chairs hold?

All chairs are rated to hold up to 120kg, and we have one model that is rated to 200kg.

How do I adjust the chair?

All chairs have various levels of adjustment depending on their design. We offer personalized advice for each customer in our free appointments, as well as a basic guide to chair setup that can be found here.

Where are the mattress products made?

All chairs are made in China.


Sit-Stand Desks

Why are Sit-Stand desks recommended?

They are a great alternative to sitting all day, which has been proven to create various health complications.

What are some of the health complications associated with sitting?

Amongst others, complaints such as headaches, neck and lower back pain. Reduced fitness with weight gain, poor posture eg slumping & round shoulders, mental fatigue, poor circulation.

What are the benefits of a standing desk?

Amongst others, body comfort, improved posture, better concentration therefore work output and weight loss.

Is standing good for my back?

For most people, yes. An exception maybe a person with a knee problem, whom will need to continue sitting.

Do you stand all day?

Standing all day, could be tiring. It is recommended that a blend of standing and sitting is optimal for your wellbeing. Rather than sit all day and stand when you need it, stand all day, and sit when you need it. Ultimately, the worker needs to self-regulate this ratio and it will change from one day to the next anyway.

Does the desk require any effort to lift?

Sit-stand desks options include electric or manual. The choice is dependent on your needs or preferences. There is no effort with electric and small effort with manual.

How much weight do the desks hold?

The desks are designed to hold the weight of all your equipment and stationary items. (Perhaps list a specific weight)

What colors and sizes do the desks come in?

Both the full electric desks and desk converters are available in a range a colors and sizes, depending on the specific model purchased.

What if I have problems with the desk?

All our desks come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

If you are experiencing a problem, then contact our Melbourne office on 1300 109 007 or email your request via the website.