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Ergovida Manual Sit-Stand Desktop Work Module

$289.00 - $299.00
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Manual Sit-Stand Desktop Work Module

Simply place this module on top of your existing desk!

Sit-Stand desks for adults and kids is the perfect solution to furnish your work and home environment with ergonomic furniture that supports your back and posture whilst you work, study and play.

With many of us spending each day sitting in front of a desk, the Sit-Stand desk addresses the ergonomic needs of your entire body. This fun and functional furniture range is simple and durable, whilst keeping you healthy. 


  • Stylish, contemporary design suitable for work & home settings
  • Constructed to military standards: Incredibly solid, steady & well braced.
  • Large surface for placing several devices
  • Height adjustment with spring-assisted mechanismsis perfectly smooth & effortless.
  • Stepless height adjustments allow you to set the height at any point
  • Keyboard catch at rear of keyboard shelf to prevent slipping off
  • Phone or tablet hole is conveniently located centrally at the front of top shelf
  • Large solid base ensures it stays study and stable at any height
  • Holds up to 15kg/33lbs
  • Height adjustment from 11cms to 50.5cm

Perfect for:

  • Adults using computers at their workplace or home
  • Students at primary, secondary & tertiary school


  • 3 Years


  • Black or White


  • Small, Medium or Large (Medium is most popular size)


  • Width:  Small 80cm, Medium 95cm
  • Depth: 40cm Work Surface / 30cm Keyboard Shelf 
  • Height: Work Surface Rises to 50.5cm

Free Delivery:

  • For Melbourne metro area only


  • Not required, other than placing 4 self-adhesive stick on pads to base which is simple!

The Heath Benefits of a Sit-Stand Desk

  • Effective in maintaining body posture and spinal contours.
  • Reduces the risk of various occupational injury.
  • Reduces excessive spinal disc pressure associated with prolonged sitting.
  • Reduces the incidence of neck & lower back.
  • Reduces drowsiness therefore increasing concentration & productivity.
  • More calories are burned standing, therefore can reduce weight & blood sugars.
  • Improved wellbeing when combining a blend of standing & sitting.
  • You can potentially live longer!