Ergovida Electric Sit-Stand Desk - Rectangular

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Electric Sit-Stand Desk

Sit-Stand desks for adults and kids is the perfect solution to furnish your work and home environment with ergonomic furniture that supports your back and posture whilst you work, study and play.

With many of us spending each day sitting in front of a desk, the Sit-Stand desk addresses the ergonomic needs of your entire body. This fun and functional furniture range is simple and durable, whilst keeping you healthy.

Our electric sit-stand desks come with a choice of 3 standard sized Australian made tops, available in up to 50 colours (see pictures), and a base that can be adjusted to suit a range of desk top sizes (as listed below).

If you would like a custom sized top that’s smaller than the 3 standard sized tops we offer, we can make one for you at no additional cost! 
*(Custom tops that are larger may incur an additional cost.)


  • Digital LED memory controller for customizable settings
  • 2 motors offer heavier lifting ability and increased stability
  • 3 programmable memory presets save your desired height
  • Sit-stand time reminder for regular movement
  • Collision avoidance system safeguards against accidents and injuries
  • Motors are thermal, and overload protected for safety and injuries
  • 3 column stages offer more adjustability


  • Enhanced support column design increases stability
  • Switched mode power supply for energy and power efficiency
  • Cable management to keep electricals organized
  • Adjustable width fits a variety of desktop shapes and sizes
  • 4 adjustable feet level and adapt to almost any floor surface
  • Is AFRDI approved (See below)
  • Custom desktop sizing available at no additional cost (see above)
  • Australian made desktops available in 50 colours


Base Colours - Black / Grey / White

Frame Orientation - Rectangular

Desk Leg Tube Size - 40mm x 80mm, 46mm x 86mm, 52mm x 92mm    

Frame Dimensions - 1000mm x 700mm x 630mm

Desk Height Range - 630 – 1250mm

Desk Width Adjustment Range - 1000mm – 1700mm

Height Adjustment Mechanism - Electric

Desk Top Size Range - 1100mm – 2200mm x 700mm – 1000mm

Desk Top Thickness - 25mm

Motor Input - 100V – 240V


Motor Quantity - 2

Table Leg Quantity - 2

Column Segments - 3

Feet Adjustable - Yes

Maximum Load Capacity - 100kg

Maximum Speed - 38mm/sec

Control Type - Touch Screen

Timed Reminder - Yes

Material - Steel, Plastic

Warranty - Motor: 3 Years, Frame: 10 Years


afrdi.jpgThe Australasian Furnishing Research & Development Institute (AFRDI) is an independent not-for-profit technical organization.

The Blue Tick Certification Scheme certifies products which meet certain standards to AFRDI's satisfaction. The assessment of the products is based on the results of performance, function and safety tests, coupled with an evaluation of the quality and finish of a representative sample of product provided by the supplier.


sitstandguy.pngThe Health Benefits of a Sit-Stand Desk


  • Effective in maintaining body posture and spinal contours.
  • Reduces the risk of various occupational injury.
  • Reduces excessive spinal disc pressure associated with prolonged sitting.
  • Reduces the incidence of neck & lower back.
  • Reduces drowsiness therefore increasing concentration & productivity.
  • More calories are burned standing, therefore can reduce weight & blood sugars.
  • Improved wellbeing when combining a blend of standing & sitting.
  • You can potentially live longer!