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Why purchase a mattress from Furniture For Backs

Posted by Dr Michael Crane on 13th Feb 2015

Its founder is Melbourne based chiropractor, Dr Michael Crane, whom specialises in furniture prescription. Furniture For Backs has successfully helped thousands of patients around Australia with regards to a healthy mattress choice for their health care needs.

Health Care practitioners around Australia recommend their patients to Furniture For Backs for furniture selection.  This includes Medical Practitioners, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Myotherapists.

Primarily, the Furniture for Backs organisation strongly desires to help the community. Its mission is to prescribe SMART, SPECIFIC & SUPERIOR.  QUALITY furniture to suit the individual’s postural and spinal needs. Furniture For Backs provides expert advice and ongoing customer support.

If you are going to spend a lot of money on a mattress, you need to be certain that you are purchasing the right model. In order for the sales person to make a confident recommendation, they need to possess intimate knowledge of their product, but also the customer’s health care status. Both need to match.

All mattress models have been carefully designed with a broad range of health care complaints in mind. All mattress models are superior in quality. It’s a matter of choosing the right model for you and your family. Furniture For Backs offers fewer choices compared to ‘the regular retailers’ because there is only the one brand and the poorer designed models are not offered. Therefore purchasing from Furniture For Backs will save you a lot of your time and energy, avoiding potential frustration and instilling confidence in your purchase.

Those individuals, whom are deemed healthy, should be sleeping on a high quality mattress anyway. Cheap, poorly designed and out dated mattress models cause spinal / postural problems. Every practitioner in the world whom deals with mechanical back complaints will tell you that. Patients on a daily basis enter their office complaining of low back pain due to poor furniture usage. When you spend one third of you entire life lying on a mattress; simply invest in a decent model.

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