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The Concept of Ergonomics

Posted by Dr Michael Crane on 27th Feb 2015

What does the word 'Ergonomic' actually mean?

Medical Dictionary: The applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.

What does an Ergonomic Computer Chair mean?

In broad terms, it implies that the chairs design is advanced to some extent, thereby assisting the operator to sit more efficiently, compared to a simple designed entry level chair.

Why do most computer chair retailers advertise their products as being 'ergonomic'?

Whether the chair is mildly, moderately or heavily ergonomic, it assists with the sale of the chair.

Is this advertising misleading?

Yes. The public are frequently purchasing chairs that are inappropriate for their spinal needs.

How do we assist the public, so that the term is not misused?

The computer chairs ergonomic value must be quantified. To assist consumers, Furniture for Backs has provided their computer chairs with an ergonomic rating.

The scale is as follows:

  • Very Low - 
  • Low - 
  • Moderate - 
  • High - 
  • Very High - 

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