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Choosing a Mattress

Posted by Dr Michael Crane on 26th Feb 2015


  • What size mattress & do you prefer a base or a bed with slats set up?


  • Which mattress do you buy?

The decision is mainly comprised of a blend of the below four factors.

1. You and /or your partner’s priorities.

2. Budget: Limited or unlimited.

3. Quality: Ranging from ‘Entry level’ through to ‘Premium level’.

4. Clinical Aspect: Do you have a health complaint that needs to be considered.

If the sales consultant can answer all four questions confidently, then this seemingly HARDER DECISION is really easy. However, there are very few sales persons in the community who can answer all four, particularly point 4. This is because point 4 requires specialist education that orthodox sales people do not have. Only health care practitioners with years of experience will know which mattress variety to recommend. Examples are chiropractors, physiotherapists & osteopaths whom have very detailed knowledge regarding musculoskeletal health complaints.

So if you are in the market for a new mattress and you have a health care complaint and you purchase a mattress from a conventional retailer, you are really rolling the dice. Our company has several customers every week whom have bought a great quality mattress, but it was the wrong one for them. This fact became apparent some weeks to months following the initial purchase.

Contact FFB for some professional advice regarding the correct mattress choice for you.