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Choosing a Computer Chair…..

Posted by Dr Michael Crane on 26th Feb 2015

Purchasing the right computer chair has proved to be a challenging task for the community. Many people are regularly experiencing neck and low back pain with established postural problems, as a consequence of using an inappropriate chair.

Statistics demonstrate that about 80% of office workers over a 5 year period will call a Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Massage Therapist to treat an injury sustained from sitting in an office chair. Injury rates increase steeply, if the chair that the individual is sitting in for their 40-50 hour week has not been ergonomically set-up properly.

The computer chair must provide specific and precise postural support; not just comfort. Purchasing from an expert in spinal health is a superior option to purchasing from a sales person, who naturally has good intentions, but lacks the sophisticated education and training to prescribe correctly.


Often, the decision is based on price, style and look, materials used, delivery/pick up time frame and quality etc. At FFB, we regard the two criteria listed below as being critical in determining whether you should purchase an entry level or advanced chair.

  • Pre-existing state of Spinal / Postural health
  • Hours per week usage

Scenario 1:

If you are concerned or suffer from some kind of postural / spinal health complaint


You are required to sit in a computer chair for the majority of the day.

Advice: Purchase a 4 or 5 Star Ergonomically Rated Advanced Chair.
Why: Injury progression is high or the initiation of an injury is high.

Scenario 2:

If you are not concerned and do not suffer from any spinal / postural health complaint


You are required to sit in a computer chair for only a couple of hours a day.

Advice: Can purchase an entry level computer chair with Ergonomic Rating from 2 Stars onwards.
Why: Injury development is unlikely.