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Best Mattress for Low Back Pain

Posted by Dr Michael Crane on 27th Feb 2015

Furniture for Backs is a successful & established company directed by Melbourne Chiropractor, Dr Michael Crane.

The company specialises in recommending mattresses (and other products) for people suffering from health care complaints. These complaints will vary immensely, however around eighty percent of these customers suffer from low back pain. For many of these customers their low back pain is simply posturally based, but there are many others with a more complicated scenario. Many of the more complicated customers suffer from conditions such as a degenerative lumbar spinal disc, an arthritide or a surgery (such as lumbar laminectomy or fusion, hip replacement). The bottom line is that these customers require specialised consideration from an expert, with regards to the recommendation of a mattress.

Over the years, the FFB organisation has carried out its own research in an effort to identify which mattress is the best for low back pain. The answer is simple:

The Chiropractic Prestige Micro Pocket Coil. (Check website for details of this mattress here)

The specialised coil technology offered from this particular model is simply the best on the market for those suffering from low back pain. The accuracy of the support provided by the Micro Pocket Coil is significant, not just for the areas requiring the extra nurturing, but the entire spine. The design of the spring is the key. There has been specific consideration to the mattress coil count, the number of coil turns per spring & wire gauge, amongst other factors.

The feedback our company has received from customers whom have problematic spines and have purchased this model of mattress is overwhelming. The strike rate thus far is still 100%.

Other than mattress size, the only other decision, is to choose one of the three available mattress profiles. That is, FIRM, MEDIUM or PLUSH. In the majority of cases, customers are recommended the Medium feel mattress that possesses a pillow top profile. Therefore, they buy the Chiropractic Prestige Micro Pocket Coil-Medium. This model provides a perfect blend of support and comfort. For those customers whom choose either the Firm or Plush varieties, there will be some clinical or personal reason for this choice.