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About Furniture For Backs



Furniture for Backs was founded by Melbourne Chiropractor Dr Michael Crane in 2006.

The company specialises in recommending spinal related furniture items such as mattresses, pillows, computer chairs and standing desks to those with a health care complaint.

Furniture for Backs is built on the collaboration between DR MICHAEL CRANE, an experienced Chiropractor with specialised ergonomic knowledge, and other qualified musculoskeletal health care professionals from the Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Myotherapy and Rehabilitation fields.

Biomechanical conditions or complaints are common within the community. Whether the problem is a degenerative spinal disc, a post-surgical scenario (laminectomy & fusion or joint replacement) or a postural scoliosis, furniture selection is challenging.

ultimate-towards-window-2.jpgSufferers of such complaints require the specialised attention of a health care provider (not a sales person) when recommending a furniture product. Choosing an unsuitable product, by guessing, often leads to the exacerbation of a complaint or condition.

Our showroom in Deepdene that offers a range of furniture options to meet your sleeping and working needs.

All members of the Furniture for Backs organisation are highly trained health care consultants who can help you find the right furniture solution just for you. 


The mission of Furniture for Backs is to prescribe SMART, SPECIFIC & SUPERIOR QUALITY furniture to suit the individual’s postural and spinal needs.